Sunday, January 26, 2014


The definition of majestic is: "having or showing impressive beauty or dignity". There are so many things that could be described as majestic, so it was hard to narrow it down. I chose this horse for this week's theme because, to me, a horse can fit the definition of majestic perfectly. They are very beautiful animals and they always seem to move in a very dignified way. There faces, too, are so full of beauty.

This horse is part of a trio that hangs out across the street from where I work. I love that there is a miniature pasture right in the middle of a city neighborhood. They aren't always out, but when I decided to photograph them for this theme, I kept crossing my fingers they would be out some time this week. And they finally showed up on the coldest day of the week, of course. :)

With nothing else in this photo to provide scale, you might guess that this is some majestic glacier-bound mountain range. In fact, it's a water fountain in Kansas City that is kept on all year round, including the sub-freezing temperatures we've been having recently. Ice forms around the spraying water jets, forming rippling peaks and valleys. It's one of my favorite things to photograph in the winter. 

And it WAS cold, around 10 degrees. I forgot my gloves, so it was a very quick photo shoot. -Cort

Next Week's Theme: Scorched

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