Monday, February 3, 2014


In July I picked "Frozen" as a theme, and so in January I pick "Scorched." Nothing that I saw outside this week really fit (no surprise there), so I looked in my kitchen, which is the next most likely place to see something scorched. And on Super Bowl Sunday, I thought it would it would be appropriate to show you some good football-party food. My pizza is actually perfectly baked, with just the edges of the crust starting to scorch. -Cort

 This is how every marshmallow that I roast turns out. I start out with high hopes of obtaining the perfectly toasted marshmallow..not too burned, not too "raw".  And every time, as soon as the marshmallow becomes engulfed in flames, I quickly blow it out, and end up with a very scorched part, while the rest is as un-roasted as you can get. So I just add extra chocolate and call it good! -Dina

Next Week's Theme: Snow

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