Monday, February 10, 2014


I love snow. When it's falling. And then the fun is over and I wish it was June. I wanted to try and capture snow falling, so I found a dark, green evergreen tree to be the background. I like how abstract it turned out. It also reminds me of the first book I ever learned to read. It was called Snow and it was one of the Dr. Suess I can read it all by myself beginner books. Every page was covered in little snow drops, much like they look in this photo. This was fun, but now I'm officially ready for spring! -Dina

Snow is beautiful in its own right, but it also brings out the beauty in other things by eliminating clutter and distractions, and simplifying the scene. These saplings sticking out of the snow become an abstract line drawing, which would be lost if not for the negative white space that winter brings us. -Cort

Next Week's Theme: Progress

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