Monday, September 23, 2013


If you visit the older section of many cemeteries, you will find the headstones to be much more elaborate. They often have statues attached somehow....angels, Mary, crosses, and more angels. It's pretty interesting to see how beautiful all of these grave markers are. This is one of my favorite, found at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery. This angel is almost life size and is standing to the side of the headstone. She is writing "In Memoriam" on the stone. It's so unique and so beautiful; what a great piece of history.   -Dina

Do you ever wonder what is underneath all of that stone and bronze on these statues? This guy is daydreaming out the window, longing for the day that he will become a fully-formed statue, enjoying the birds and the fresh air. 

Actually, this is a teaching skeleton in the osteopathic manipulation lab at the medical school where I work. There are at least a dozen of these spread throughout this large room, and they usually end up randomly scattered throughout the space. Sometimes their poses amuse me, and I tend to affix human emotions and motivations to these wire and plastic "statues."   -Cort

Next Week's Theme: In honor of reaching the halfway point of our Double Exposure project, the next theme is Half.

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