Monday, September 30, 2013


In addition to the requirement of shooting a photo that satisfied this week's theme, I also gave myself the assignment of shooting the photo on my new iPhone! The quality of camera on this phone ranks right up there with any other point-and-shoot model, which was one of the selling points for me. I will continue to use my Canon 30D whenever I can, but I don't always have that with me when a good photo opp arises, while I always have my phone with me.

I bought some peppers at the farmers market this weekend, only $2 for a whole basket. I had to think of a dish that uses up all of them, so I grilled stuffed peppers for dinner, which involves cutting them in half, and spooning in the filling. I love the bright colors, interesting shapes, and varied textures, and those elements almost always make for a compelling photograph. -Cort

I love this time of year, especially all of the fall color. It was fun to catch this leaf that was half way through changing from green to red. -Dina

Next Week's Theme: In honor of the Feast of St. Francis, the patron saint of animals (which falls on October  4th), the theme is Animal. Special challenge: Ringo, Johnny and Bella the pug are ineligible to be photographed for this theme. :) 

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