Sunday, June 23, 2013

HIdden Agenda

When I think of who or what in my life might have a hidden agenda, I think of my dog Ringo. For a few weeks, I noticed he was more anxious than usual to go out after I got home from work, and much more reluctant to come back in. Also, he would just sit at the edge of my yard, and stare through the fence at the neighbor's back porch, which is what you see in this photo. I knew there wasn't an innocent explanation for this.

After close surveillance, I determined that it was because my neighbor was sneaking him some leftovers from the grill. For some reason, Ringo prefers this to his normal meal of dog food. Mystery solved, hidden agenda exposed!  -Cort

Wild Strawberries. I'm sure that most think these teeny, tiny berries exist to feed animals and birds, look cute and even smell good. But they have a hidden agenda: World Dominance. If you get wild strawberries in your yard, your grass, or your garden, you will never, ever get rid of them. Ever. And they spread. Like wildfire. Or wild strawberries. They are slowly taking over the world. -Dina

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