Sunday, June 9, 2013


I chose a theme that would be relatively easy for me this week, since I knew at the time that I would be visiting Fallingwater (the house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright), as well as several nearby waterfalls in Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania, and I really wanted to post a photo from there.

I loved Fallingwater, but it's hard to get a unique photo of that place that hasn't been taken hundreds of times before. So instead, I went with one from Cucumber Falls. It's a beautiful setting, as the waterfall cascades into a horseshoe-shaped cave. I spent at least an hour taking photos and just admiring the scenery.  -Cort

This weekend was the 89th annual Santa Lucia Festival. It is the city's largest ethnic festival and the Turco family has been going to it since it's beginning. It's also always perfect weather. Except for this weekend. They even postponed the main part of the festival: the bringing the Saint out of St. Francis Cabrini Church and processing down to the carnival (located for several years now at Lewis & Clark Landing). Due to the predicted stormy weather on Saturday night, they moved the procession to Sunday morning. 

As the Saint is brought out, someone sings over a loud speaker "Santa Lucia", and at the end of the song, they fire off a cannon full of confetti. It sounds corny but gives you goose bumps every time. At any rate, I had big plans to photograph the red, green and white confetti FALLING to the ground. The constant downpour cancelled the confetti (imagine a huge blob of wet confetti smacking someone in the head) so instead I'm settling for the rain falling down on St. Lucy. In the picture, it almost looks like snow. Despite the chilly, wet, rainy February like weather, we still had a wonderful time at our beloved Santa Lucia festival. -Dina

Next Week's Theme: Sunshine (I'm so sick of the rain and gray cloudy days!)

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