Sunday, May 26, 2013


I think this is the most fun I've had doing this blog so far, both determining my concept, and then executing this idea. As I mentioned in the previous post, I asked my friend Rachel to give me three theme ideas, and I would select my favorite. When I picked 22, several concepts came to mind - shooting 22 of something, shooting the sunrise on the morning of May 22, finding an object that was shaped like 2's.

I finally settled on "painting" light in the shape of 22. The perfect source for this was the tail lights of a car. So I parked myself on a bench by a busy road at night, set the shutter speed for 1/4 sec., and clicked away at passing cars. I would intentionally jiggle the camera while pressing the shutter. I took 164 exposures, and of course most of them turned out as random squiggle shapes, but I ended up with a couple that were shaped like 2's, and this was my favorite.   -Cort

This was a fun theme. I too, pondered over all things 22 during the week. I even found myself counting the light bulbs on the carousal mirror at the zoo (and darn it, there were 23). I have always enjoyed reading, especially in the summer:  it seems like there is more time to read. So I grabbed 22 of my favorite books. Of course, I have so many favorites, that it was hard to just pick 22. But these 22 are some of the ones that I love and many of them are ones that I've read several times. And plan to read again!  I've also had the honor of meeting David Sedaris and Billy Collins and they signed their books for cool is that?!  -Dina

Next week's theme: Double

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