Sunday, May 12, 2013


I went to a Kansas City Royals baseball game against the Yankees this week, so that gave me plenty of opportunity to experience "crowded." The height of my frustration with the crowds during an event like this is the traffic on the way there, finding a parking spot, and the traffic on the way out. I got a good vantage point from the upper tier of the stadium and then I strapped on the telephoto lens and zoomed in on this crowded space. -Cort

The only major crowd I encountered this weekend was the one at Menards on the first nice Saturday in Omaha since last summer. I didn't have my camera to capture the chaos in the garden center (shame on me!) so instead, I looked up the definition of crowded: 

crowded  past participle, past tense of crowd (Verb)

  1. (of a number of people) Fill (a space) almost completely, leaving little or no room for movement.   ............I liked the idea of finding something that fit the description, and even though they aren't people, the crayons fill their space in a very organized, complete and crowded way. -Dina
Next week's theme: Detail

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