Sunday, May 19, 2013


I love the Joslyn Art Museum's architecture. The style is Art Deco and the main part of the building was completed in 1931. The new addition was added in 1994. I love the details on the outside of the museum, especially the sculptural panels that can be found on all sides of the building. This is a photo of the "Dissemination of Intelligence (or, Distribution of News)." It was the first of the panels to be carved; more information can be found here:  I'm also very excited that soon, admission to the Museum will be free 7 days a week. What a great gem we have in Omaha! -Dina 

When I think of a photo with detail, I think of one with a tight crop that removes the extraneous clutter and allows the viewer to focus just on the most visually interesting part(s). In this particular photo, I think the interesting details are the beautiful pattern of the girl's head scarf, and also the colored squares of her art project. By the way, she was very focused on the details of this bird feeder - despite the seeming randomness of the pattern, she had a very specific plan for what colors went in what squares.  -Cort

Next Week's Theme: I'm trying something new this time for the theme. I asked my friend Rachel Mindrup to come up with three ideas, and I would select my favorite. She's very creative, and I knew that she would bring challenging, off-the-wall ideas that Dina and I may not think of ourselves. She succeeded. Without further delay, next week's theme is: 22

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