Sunday, March 16, 2014


Forgive me if my post this week is a bit self-indulgent. I've always wanted to try a photograph like this, and with our Double Exposure project coming to an end very soon, I was running out of time.

I tried light painting. I set up my camera on my deck and aimed it to an empty space in my back yard. After clicking the shutter release for a 30-second exposure, I would walk into the frame, and using my flashlight I would "paint" streaks of light - in this case, the letters of my name. After I made the letter O, I briefly shined the light upon myself so that I would show up within the circle. Sort of a self portrait.

It took many, many attempts to get the focus, composition, exposure, and light streaks just how I wanted it, and on the 28th try I ended up with something I was pleased with. -Cort

I've been enjoying all the blue skies and sunshine we've had lately. On this day I thought it was cool how a couple of the clouds looked like just streaks of fluff compared to the other clouds. -Dina

Next Week's Theme: This is my last theme to pick since our project is coming to an end. I am picking the theme FUN because I've had so much fun with our 52 project. -Dina 

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