Monday, November 4, 2013


I love Halloween. It's such a fun kid's holiday, not to mention it's smack in the middle of the best time of the year. I knew I wanted to capture some part of Halloween night. My brother-in-law makes a delicious batch of chili every year and we fuel up before taking my nieces around their neighborhood. After dinner, I was hoping to get a photo of Lucy and Sophie in their awesome costumes...a vampire and a rose fairy. I envisioned all the gorgeous photos you see on photo blogs and pinterest: where the kids are happy and smiling and the lighting is perfect. Cut to reality; a very upset vampire who can't find her collar and a very anxious rose fairy who could care less about the vampire collar. By the time everyone got it together, it was dark, the collar-less vampire and rose fairy were running from house to house and no one would stand still for a photo. The one photo I did get when they stood still long enough, Lucy's eyes were glowing green, she was moving and she really looked like vampire. So I chose my second favorite part of the evening: checking out the candy. My dog Johnny was very tired from tagging along and thought it a good idea to take a nap on top of the Halloween loot! I hope everyone had a great Halloween!  -Dina

Every week or two, in my role as a support person, I help facilitate a "community night" with the Kansas City Jesuit Volunteers (I was a JV myself in Tacoma 10 years ago). This past week we spent the evening carving pumpkins. They have a wonderful front porch, which provided the perfect setting to show off our creations.  -Cort

Next Week's Theme: Squared

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