Monday, October 28, 2013


I knew when I picked this theme that I would probably focus on one of my favorite subjects - the changing fall colors. However, I challenged myself to find a new way to shoot this familiar subject.

I traveled to Branson, Missouri this weekend, and had plenty of opportunities to photograph bright leaves. However, I struggled with finding a new perspective until I noticed wonderful colors blurring past my passenger window. I decided to point the camera out the window, set a slow shutter speed, and click away. The rapidly changing scenery actually provides wonderful brush strokes of color, and in this particular shot, we even get a peek of trees in the distance, between the gaps of foliage closer the road. -Cort

I too, love this time of year with all of it's changes. The trees are really kicking in their changing of color and everything is so beautiful. But I decided not to go that route for this theme. I couldn't get the the line "I've got a little change in my pocket going jing-a-ling-a-ling" from the Georgia Satellites' song "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" out of my head this week.  The only reason I like the song is that a local cover band mashed it up with some other song (can't remember what right now) and we always had the best time dancing to it. Because I had this line running over and over through my head for the entire week (I blame you Cort! ;0), I decided to photograph this type of change. -Dina

Next Week's Theme: [cue spooky music] Halloween!

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