Sunday, April 7, 2013


My sister and I collect vintage pyrex bowls. And it all started with the smallest bowl in this picture. My mom had this blue Americana set when we were growing up. I can remember her using the biggest dark blue bowl to make bread or serve spaghetti out of. And I recently came across pictures from Thanksgiving and Christmas and you can see the bowls on our table. However, the only bowl left out of my Mom's set is the first bowl in the picture, the small light blue one. I have since purchased the other two to make my own set, but knowing that I have a bowl that was one my Mom used in her everyday baking and cooking makes it very special and one of my favorites. And in looking for the bowls to complete the set, my sister and I discovered the fun world of vintage pyrex.   -Dina

When I was in the midst of my last photography project - a photo every day for a year - I learned very quickly that I needed to look beyond sunsets, cute babies, and flower blooms. Those things can make for interesting photographs when they come along, but they don't come every day, and you need to closely examine the more mundane things in your everyday life for compelling images. I love interesting textures, and this is a hard water stain on the inside wall of a drained fountain. It's something that most people overlook, and thus don't really appreciate it's unique beauty unless I help bring it to their attention through photography.   -Cort

Next Week's Theme: Loneliness

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