Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Beginnings

A year ago at this time, spring had sprung, the weather was warm, and trees and flowers were in bloom. This year, we're still trying to shrug off the dark and cold of winter. When we determined what our very first theme would be, I thought signs of spring would be everywhere. As it turns out, I had to look much more closely for a "new beginning", but I found one with this daffodil shoot poking through the snow.  -Cort

This time of year, there are so many new beginnings. We are in the season of Spring, we just celebrated Easter and lots of littles are being born. But to me, nothing says new beginning quite like a butterfly. I love the symbolism of new life that a butterfly represents. I found this beauty in the butterfly pavilion at the Henry Doorly Zoo. -Dina

Next Week's Theme: Blue

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ground rules

Dina and I have agreed on certain ground rules for this blog experiment, but the best way to keep us accountable is to share these rules with you, our faithful viewers!

Weekly Themes. Each week, one of us will pick a theme for the following week's photographs, and by Sunday night will share this theme, via the blog, with our partner and our audience.

Picture Time. We can take photographs at any time and any place from Sunday night to the next Sunday night. The only limits of this are the limits of our imaginations and our equipment.

No Archives! We cannot go into our archives and post photographs that we have already taken. We may return to previous locations or subjects, but everything posted must have been taken during the preceding week.

Posting. By the following Sunday night, the person who suggested the theme will send the best image that relates to this theme, along with a brief description, to the other person. That person will post it alongside his/her own image and description. At the end of the post, the post-er will reveal the theme for the following week.