Sunday, July 7, 2013


My Independence photo didn't quite go as planned. I had tickets to the Kansas City Royals baseball game on Wednesday night, and they were planning a huge fireworks show after the game. As we approached the stadium, it started raining, so we stopped at a nearby restaurant to wait out what we thought would be a brief passing shower. An hour and a half later, it was still raining, so we gave up and went home. The game ended up started two and a half hours late, so I'm glad we didn't stay!
So instead, the next day I joined my parents at a fireworks show close to their house, which was still nice, but not nearly as impressive as what the Royals fireworks show would have been. Nonetheless, I got some decent photos of some fireworks celebrating our country's independence 237 years ago. God bless America! -Cort


Besides the American Flag, fireworks are right up there at the top of the list of what symbols are associated with Independence Day. It was a lot of fun setting up my tripod and using my camera remote to get some fireworks photos this year. I like how this shot has red, white and blue in it. Happy Birthday America! -Dina

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